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Live Edge Furniture

Live edge slabs are as individual as the grand trees that produced them. They come from a natural cut of wood that keeps the unique lines of the tree trunk along one or two of its edges. This gives each finished work a one-of-a-kind appearance by letting the irregular natural edge of the wood show. 

Customizing Your Home​​​
Family Owned & Operated Since 1992

Our work is good. We promise. And behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We won't stop working until you like what we've done.

Our building products include:


TW Lumber Co. provides log home supplies and other hardwood products to builders across the United States. Our current projects demonstrate our commitment to providing quality products for your building needs.​​

Besides raw materials, we also provide custom wood products
for both interior and exterior use.
Cabinetry, window casings, built-ins, gazebos, doors,
and more are available through our workshop. 
All products are built to your specific measurements for use in your customized build.
The Wadlington family looks forward to providing you with
quality wood products for your building needs. 
Contact us for more information and price quotes.

  • ​Reclaimed Wood Flooring
  • ​Hardwood Paneling
  • ​Ceiling Lumber
  • ​Aromatic Red Cedar Closet Liners
  • Stair Tread, Stair Risers, Handrails, Newel Posts, & more.
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